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The Everything Bundle

The Everything Bundle

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Welcome to Waypoint!

Explore the world of tea with our Everything Waypoint Bundle. Included in this collection are all 11 of our current teas and a pack of Steep infuser bags. More than enough to get you started on your journey into tea!

Also available in sample size here.

The bundle includes:

Waypoint BreakfastA deliciously smooth black tea. Perfect to be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether that's in the office, at home, or on the trail. 

Earl Grey - A full bodied classic with a bright and fresh bergamot taste. A timeless flavour that is perfect as a mid-morning or afternoon cuppa.

Campfire This smoky black tea is smooth and malty – like a campfire in a cup. Perfect for those who enjoy a peated whisky or a night by the fire.

Chai - A classic rich black tea that’s sweet and spicy with citrus, vanilla, rose petals and delicate tea flowers.

Australian Sencha - Our Australian sencha is a classic Japanese style green tea grown on plantations in northern Victoria. The perfect balance of bright green tea freshness with smooth grassy notes.

Matcha Genmaicha - A Japanese classic, our genmaicha combines sencha green tea grown in Victoria, with roasted rice. A dusting of Matcha (ground green tea) gives an extra green tea kick.

White Peony - A delicate yet flavoursome white tea that is perfect for an afternoon or evening brew.

Flow Calm - Made in partnership with our friends at Flow Yoga, this calming blend relaxes without putting you to sleep. Lightly caffeinated white tea is paired with lavender and lemon myrtle, and a touch of passionflower acts as a natural, gentle calmative.

Jasmine PearlsThis classic tea is made from tightly-rolled tea leaves that have been scented with jasmine flowers. 

Hibiscus, Lemongrass and PeppermintThis caffeine-free blend of hibiscus, lemongrass and peppermint creates a delicious pink/red infusion that is at the same time tart, sweet and refreshing.

PeppermintThis awesome peppermint tisane is the perfect all-rounder. It warms you up on a cold day, cools you on a hot day, refreshes and invigorates, and tastes bloody delicious. 

Buy them all together and save 20% compared to buying individually and get a free pack of Steep infuser bags.

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